Control Sites Only

To participate actively in this CDR Implementation Trial...

  1. Thoroughly explore this PediBIRN website.
  2. Confirm your site’s status as a (randomly selected) intervention or control site by clicking here.
  3. Carefully review the Penn State IRB application (downloadable in pdf). pdf document
  4. Use the Penn State IRB application as a template to complete your own IRB application…OR…send me your IRB template and I will draft your IRB application for you.
  5. Submit your local IRB application at your earliest possible convenience.
  6. Begin process to request external access to REDCap by clicking here.
    (Site Coordinators only! Site PIs, PICU providers, and child abuse consultants will NOT need to access REDCap)
  7. Test drive the data capture software by entering complete data regarding five fictitious patients.
  8. Print and sign two copies of the Letter of Agreement (downloadable in pdf). pdf document
    Return one signed copy to me, and keep the second copy for your records.
  9. Forward me a copy of your IRB Approval Letter as soon as it is received.
  10. Never hesitate to reach out to me with your questions.

Thank you so VERY much for agreeing to play such a major role in our CDR Implementation Trial!

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Please submit your documents here.